PDA Release New Device Model Platform MeQLab 2.0


Feb 19, 2016, Beijing-PDA released Device model extraction and verification tool MeQLab 2.0. In the new version, users can extract corner, mismatch and statistical model with a single click. The industry’s first PDK (Process Design Kit) auto connection function realize true Model QA under design environment. The new version of MeQLab complement Full Lib QA and comparison function. We are always working on optimizing device modeling process, from best fitting to corner and 11 corner, from single device modeling to full library modeling, from model extraction to model QA, MeQLab covered all the things above, which means users can fulfil all the task related to modeling in MeQLab. Our mismatch auto extraction function greatly improved working efficiency, which was recognized and adopted by multiple customers. Our lib monitors dramatically reduced the complexity of setting up full lib verification. As for flexible built in simulator and multiple circuit support of MeQLab, leading foundries already started using MeQLab as their main QA tools in future. In addition, the display of error information in simulator and real-time netlist examine enable the circuit level simulation and verification. The support for BSIM CMG also keeps us up to date with industry’s latest standard. “Keep on innovation is our best promise to customers, we listen to customers’ voice and react quickly on it. During the communication with advanced design companies and leading foundries, customers reports the issue that model and PDK are conflicting, we integrate part of PQLab’s function into new version of MeQLab, letting model engineers without any PDK knowledge can also connect PDK to compare pre-layout and post-layout simulation quickly, make sure the model and PDK are related. Meanwhile, new version helps customers build statistical model quickly, customers can get competitive model comparable with leading foundries without complex theory and extract process. After modeling, users can implement fast QA for model card and model library, without leaving modeling environment. I’m glad to see our effort have been recognized by our customers.” Said Albert Li, CEO of PDA.

Connect PDK for pre-layout and post-layout simulation auto comparison

Complete model library auto comparison

11-corner Model Auto Generation

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