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Company Profile

Platform Design Automation, Inc.(PDA) provides EDA tools and a comprehensive set of services to facilitate designs using highly scaled technologies. Our years of experiences in device modeling, PDK and cell library as well as our unique EDA platform technology enable us to ensure accurate and robust design inputs including device models, PDK and cell libraries. Our EDA tools in device modeling, PDK and device characterization solutions are based on the latest technology and grow rapidly in recent years. PDA HQ is in Beijing,  and has branch offices in Shanghai and Taiwan Hsinchu.

Company Culture

We value and award innovations, our company provides competitive salary, benifit packages, stock options and comfortable working enviornments to all employees, which include gym facilities, annual company trip, free food and beverages.

Management Team


Albert Li

Founder and CEO

Albert Li is a seasoned EDA expert with nearly 20 years of product development and business management experiences,  and also an pioneer of applying learning algorithms in semiconductor testing. He has led the development of several world leading EDA tools, which served over 100 semiconductor companies  world wide. Mr. Li graduated from  Tsinghua University and Vanderbilt University both in Electrical Engineering, he has authored over 10  technical papers and was selected as keynote speakers at several technical conferences. As the founder and the chief  architect of Platform Design Automation, Inc.,his ambition is to develop a leading EDA tool suite and a comprehensive  engineering service portfolio to ensure accurate design inputs for our customers.



Morgan Li

VP of R&D and Co-founder

Former chief algorithm scientist of Accelicon, Master of Microelectronics Tsinghua University, Outstanding graduate, Well-known algorithm and testing expert, Published more than 10 international journals and conference papers. More than 10 years' experiences of EDA software and testing algorithm development.