Product Introduction

All New Design

Open platform based on Netbeans, enable circuit oriented modeling 

and integrate database capability.

Fast Internal True SPICE Engine

Internal true SPICE engine imporves Monte-Carlo simulation by 100X 

and is compatible to HSPICE.

Built-in QA Procedures

Integrate automatic QA procedures, improve effeciency and identify

issues at early stage, no need for extra QA tools.

Circuit Oriented Modeling

Built-in SRAM modeling functions, user can model individual devices as

well as modeling a circuit. MeQLab supports all standard circuit targets 

for the built-in circuits such as SRAM, RO, etc.

Advanced Optimizer Built-in

Based on metaheuristic and machine learning algorithm, applicable 

to both model extraction and circuit optimization.

Smart Data Management and Recovery

Dynamically save all user activities and the "Sign Off" feature helps to

manage all data and enables easy communications.

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